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Our Services

Our services at the Opal Dental Clinic in Turkey depend on patients and beneficiaries receiving the best integrated dental care, while achieving the best therapeutic, surgical and cosmetic results that exceed expectations.

General dentistry

We diagnose diseases related to the teeth, gums, face, and jaws, and accordingly we develop an appropriate treatment plan, while educating the patient on ways to take care of oral and dental health to avoid any future health problems. Among the most important therapeutic and cosmetic procedures that fall under general dentistry are:

We treat decayed teeth using the most effective dental fillings and fixtures, such as: gold fillings, silver fillings, plastic fillings, porcelain fillings, and glass fillings.

We provide all gum treatment and cosmetic services, including: laser gum cutting, gum erosion treatment, gum recession treatment, and gum implants and grafting.


In Opal Clinics, we use the latest orthodontic technologies to treat dental abnormalities, including warp, overlapping, voids, or prominence, for different age stages.

Root canal treatment

We treat the roots of teeth affected by severe decay that has reached its depths, through endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) or through surgery. We also treat cracked and chipped teeth.

Dental implants

We use the latest long-term dental implant techniques, by replacing damaged or missing teeth with high-quality implants; where the fusion quickly with the jawbone and gums and biocompatibility with the body.

Cosmetic dentistry

We perform all cosmetic procedures that improve the appearance of the teeth and highlight the beauty of the face with an attractive white smile, through the following techniques:

We help you get rid of annoying tooth pigmentation of all kinds by using the latest laser teeth whitening technology.

We give you an attractive smile that is consistent with the details and shape of the face through the Hollywood smile technology that permanently whitens and improves the shape of the teeth.

We improve the appearance of the teeth and smile by installing dental veneers on the front of the tooth, which last for many years.

At Opal Dental Clinics in Turkey, we use the following dental veneers:

  • Ceramic veneers
  • Veneers
  • Lumineers

We help obese patients to lose weight through the dental bonding technique, where we connect the teeth of the lower jaw with the teeth of the upper jaw using a metal wire. Consequently, this will reduce the distance between the jaws, allowing only liquid food to be eaten.

We use the best types of dental crowns to cover a missing, damaged or immature tooth. This helps to restore the teeth to their natural function as well as to keep the remaining part of them away from damage or erosion.

We improve the appearance of the teeth and make them straighter by using the painless cosmetic dental filing technique, which in some cases is instead of orthodontics.

Pediatric dentistry

We provide preventive care and treatment services for problems that may affect children’s teeth, such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and dental abnormalities. In an effort to maintain healthy and strong milk teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

We treat all oral and maxillofacial diseases, such as: maxillofacial deformities, dental socket, diseases of the jaw joint, cleft palate, plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face.

Medical consulting service

In Opal Dental Clinics, we provide online medical consultation service, to clients inside or outside Turkey, to determine the best appropriate treatment solutions, relying on the patient’s medical reports and examinations.

Support Services

We provide all means of comfort to the beneficiaries of our medical services in Turkey through the following support services:

  • Reservation of airline tickets and hotel
  • Reception at Istanbul Airport
  • Providing a medical translator during the treatment trip in Turkey

To get services of Opal Dental Clinics in Istanbul, contact us now!

To obtain the services of Opal Dental Clinics in Istanbul, contact us now!