Gum Treatment and Recontouring

Treating and recontouring the gums is a very necessary treatment path in many cases, and multiple gum diseases require special attention, but many people neglect them until they reach advanced stages of the disease…

You can imagine that 8 out of 10 people around the world suffer from infections and diseases of the gums, although the severity of the disease varies. 

Early detection of gum problems protects against exacerbation of the problem, in addition to the ease of providing gum treatment and cosmetic services in the early stages.

What are gum diseases? And what are the ways to treat it? 

In most cases, gum disease results from a chronic infection that starts in limited places in the mouth and quickly spreads to other areas, destroying the supporting bones and the bodily tissues responsible for holding the teeth in place inside the mouth and jaws.

The moderate-severe type of gum disease is known as gingivitis, which is easier to treat than other diseases.  

As for the most dangerous type, it is periodontitis, which can eventually reach an advanced stage in which the bone supporting the teeth is completely lost.

This requires careful treatment from us, which we can offer you in Opal Dental Clinics, with the best dentists in Turkey in the field of gum treatment and cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Gum diseases are usually not discovered until in the later stages, and they require treatment based on gum surgery, or even gum implantation and recontouring, and this is due to two reasons:

  1. Symptoms of gum disease do not appear at its inception, which delays the detection of the disease.
  2. Even after symptoms appear, many people ignore them, and consider them to be simple things that can resolve themselves with time!

Symptoms of gum disease include the following:

  • Bleeding gums while brushing teeth.
  • Swelling or redness of the gums.
  • Gum abscesses.
  • Suppuration of the teeth and gums.
  • Long-looking teeth; This indicates gum recession or erosion.
  • Persistent bad breath.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Increased spacing between teeth over time.

What is gum recession disease?

It is one of the gum diseases that occur when the gum tissue moves away from the teeth, and the roots that used to cover it are exposed.

Gum recession increases the possibility of tooth decay, and increases tooth sensitivity when eating or brushing certain foods.

How to treat receding gums?

Treatment and recontouring of the gums in case of receding depends on the cause. Non-surgical treatments can be used in cases of mild gum recession, such as:

  • Topical antibiotics.
  • Dental bonding.

However, many cases require gum surgery to treat the problem completely. Among the types of these surgeries are:

  • Cleaning the surfaces and roots of the teeth (deep cleaning) from plaque.
  • Gum grafting, and this may be the only treatment in the advanced stages of gum recession and erosion.

At Opal Dental Clinics, we can provide you with all the necessary examinations and consultations, before you decide to have gum implant surgery in Turkey.

How long does it take to recover from gum graft surgery?

This varies from person to another depending on the number of teeth that were treated, and the type of vaccination that was performed.

Recovery from gum recession surgery takes about two weeks, but it may be a little longer before the gums return to normal.

What is the cost of gum implant surgery in Turkey?

The cost of gum grafting cannot be determined completely, as it depends on the type of procedure taken, as well as the number of teeth covered by the surgery.

You can always contact Opal Dental Clinics to get a free consultation regarding gum treatment and cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

4 reasons to choose laser gum erosion treatment

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), dentists often advise their patients to opt for laser gum treatment over other methods of periodontal treatment, for several reasons:

  • Removing and killing bacteria that cause dental infection.
  • Treating gum erosion with laser is far from surgery. Hence, minimally invasive procedure, and thus there is no need for anesthesia.
  • Preserving the healthy parts of the mouth, and getting rid of cavities and erosions.
  • Sterilization and treatment of the gums with laser is much simpler than surgical treatments, and the patient does not need a long rest after the operation.

The cost of laser gum treatment in Turkey also varies according to the number of teeth to be treated.

What is the method of laser gums surgery?

Laser gum surgery is an appropriate treatment option for patients who suffer from an excess of gum growth on their teeth, covering a large part of them.

Laser gum surgery is performed by removing excess gums from the normal limit to re-open the covered surface of the teeth.

How much does it cost to cut remove excess gums in Turkey?

The cost of removing excess gums according to the size of the excess tissue, and the effort needed to make it look normal, but the cost usually ranges between $300 and $500.

Do gums grow again after cutting it?

Mostly, the gums do not grow again after surgery, but it is possible for some people, and this may be due to some reasons, such as the way teeth and gums are taken care of and cleaned.

In nutshell, we have to pay more attention to cleaning and caring for the gums and teeth. We should also maintain regular visits to the dentist twice a year, which will ensure the speedy detection of periodontal and dental diseases at their inception.

Opal Dental Clinics are waiting for your visit, and it will provide you with all the services and consultations you need in the field of gum treatment, cosmetic surgery and implantation in Turkey.

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